The Importance of Having Uninsured and Underinsured Motorists Coverage

insurance-quoteI was recently the victim of a careless uninsured driver.   She clobbered my car (and me) at 45 MPH when she failed to slow down and stop for a red light.  I had stopped for the light, directly in front of her.   My car saved me from major personal injuries, but I was hurt.

The other driver lied to the police officer about having a driver’s license – in fact she was driving under a suspended license.   She lied about having insurance on her vehicle – in fact that owner of her vehicle had no insurance with the company which she listed.   She lied about other important things as well.

The point here is that it is absolutely essential to carry “uninsured” and “underinsured” motorist’s insurance coverage, especially in Ohio.   That way you have “back-up” coverage for your lost earnings, medical bills and pain and suffering, should the person at fault in the accident carry no insurance or carry minimal insurance.   Minimal insurance will often be entirely inadequate to cover your injuries.   There are simply too many drivers on the road these days that have no coverage, have lapsed coverage, or have the bare minimum in coverage (which is still $12,500 in Ohio).    Should you wisely go to the emergency room following an accident and get imaging studies done, later see your primary care doctor, and have a minimum of physical therapy, your medical bills alone will often exceed $10,000.

Another tip:  Please carry medical payments coverage, also referred to as “med pay”.   That coverage will make it easier for you to obtain the medical care you need following an accident.

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