The Paris Attacks

I have a daughter Melinda and three grandchildren living in Paris. A few years ago, Melinda lived on the Boulevard Beaumarchais, one Metro stop from the scene of the worst of the massacres . . . and I am scared. … Continue reading

Same Sex Marriage in 2015-16

“If you never change your mind, why have one?”   Edward de Bono Previously we wrote about the law in Ohio in 2013 following Judge Black’s ruling in Obergefell v. Hodges.  Soon thereafter the Obergfell case traveled to the Sixth Circuit … Continue reading

Human Dignity

A scholar by the name of Donna Hicks assembled in 2009 what is referred to as the “Dignity Model.”  Deceptively simple, straightforward, and insightful, it is a remarkably effective tool for interpersonal relations and reconciliation.  At Stege & Michelson, we … Continue reading

Serious Medical Errors Are Common

Excerpted from a letter to the editor in the Cleveland Plain Dealer by two excellent Cleveland attorneys. Dr. Michael Kirsch’s column (“Litigation fever causing headaches for able physicians,” published in The [Cleveland] Plain Dealer Jan. 12) is the epitome of … Continue reading

Hot Coffee Remembered

Remember when in 1992 an 81 year old woman named Stella suffered ugly third degree burns to her thighs and her private parts after accidentally spilling McDonald’s coffee in her lap?  Remember when she sued and she became the laughing … Continue reading

Stand Your Ground


What is it, what is the controversy, and what role did it play in the Zimmerman case? Out of the anguish and passionate debates about the Zimmerman case, so-called “stand your ground” laws have commanded the nation’s attention. Suddenly, talking … Continue reading