Stege & Michelson thrives on aggressive representation of our clients’ needs.  We make every effort to quickly identify and confront the issues facing a particular client.  An expeditious, fair and just resolution of the case is always our goal.  However, in realty, a satisfactory outcome often cannot be achieved without litigation.

Our small, but passionate and experienced firm has the ability to earn for our clients the outcome they deserve.  We have broad litigation experience in many states of the union and the federal courts which includes:

Personal Injury/Medical Malpractice/Nursing Homes

Providing representation for injuries to a person’s health or well-being is an integral part of our firm’s mission.  We ambitiously pursue those responsible; we make every effort to address the client’s wishes and to return a sense of normalcy and fulfillment to their—or their loved ones’—lives.

This mission includes obtaining compensation for persons injured from, for instance,

  • Medical errors, medical malpractice
  • Nursing home abuse or neglect
  • Automobile accidents
  • Animal attacks
  • Product malfunction
  • Federal Tort Claims (i.e., claims against the VA or the federal government).
  • Claims against the State or any of its municipalities.

Legal Malpractice

More often than we like to admit, members of the legal profession make major mistakes which cost their clients money and heartaches. We feel it is our duty to our profession to stand up for our clients against shoddy lawyers who have afforded their clients “Fred Flintstone” legal representation. These claims are typically made against a lawyer’s malpractice insurance coverage.

Business/Commercial Litigation

Running a business is a complex and stressful endeavor, but also one of the most (potentially) rewarding journeys for the owners.  Unfortunately, sometimes litigation becomes necessary.  Our mission includes both presenting and defending commercial disputes.  We handle, for instance,

  • Unfair completion
  • Trade secrets
  • Interference with contract
  • Interference with a business relationship
  • Breach of agreements
  • Disputes with problem employees or problem independent contractors
  • Non-compete clause or non-solicitation clause disputes.

Insurance Disputes

Our clients rely on their insurance policies in times of need.  But, all too frequently, insurance companies deny valid claims when the money is most desperately needed.  We pursue insurance companies that do not honor their policies in a variety of areas including auto insurance, homeowner’s insurance and more.  For instance,

  • Coverage disputes
  • Bad faith denial of coverage
  • Damage to property.


A career or occupation is a significant part of everyone’s life.  We are proud to consider it part of our job to represent those who have, or are, in danger of losing their job.  For instance,

  • Negotiating the terms of a separation from employment
  • Wrongful termination of an employee
  • Retaliation
  • Negotiating the terms of an employment or independent contractor agreement
  • Discrimination (race, gender, disability, age, national origin, sexual persuasion)
  • Non-compete disputes

Constitutional Law/Civil Rights

Our belief is that without respect for – and recognition of — our nation’s fundamental promises of freedom, liberty, and equality, there can be no system of laws worthy of adherence.  Our passion Is to protect these traditional principles in an ever-evolving and increasingly diverse society.  As children we were taught that our safety forces and local governments are there to protect us.  This is still good advice, but it is not always the case.   For instance, we find ourselves defending rights such as,

  • Freedom of speech
  • Equality of treatment
  • Civil rights
  • Property rights
  • The right to be free from governmental intrusions on your privacy
  • The right to be treated with respect and not harmed, even while incarcerated
  • Due process of law

Disability Law

We are dedicated to ensuring that individuals with disabilities and those that support them receive the rights and accommodations they deserve.  This often means advocating for enforcement of rights already guaranteed by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the Social Security Act or private disability insurance.  For instance:

  • Social Security Disability
  • Long term disability insurance
  • Discrimination on account of a person’s disability.

Criminal Law

Occasionally our clients find themselves on the “wrong side” of the law.  We are here to help.  For instance,

  • DUI’s
  • Serious traffic offenses
  • Felonies
  • Misdemeanors
  • Release pending trial
  • Cleveland and suburban jurisdictions
  • Ordinance violations.

Negotiations/ Mediation/Arbitration

Disputes today often wind up in mediation or arbitration, when negotiation is unsuccessful.  We are skilled negotiators, but we also have extensive experience in the mediation/arbitration process.  In almost all instances, competent legal representation deserves serious consideration and is likely to be pivotal – both during negotiations and any subsequent mediation or arbitration proceeding.