General Practice Law

Our firm handles many legal challenges which do not fit neatly into the categories of either Litigation or Family Law. Please forgive us but we have lumped everything else together in a catch-all topic called “General Practice Law”. Please do not be misled. We have included only those items with which we have particular expertise. Those areas include the following:

Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice, Nursing Homes and Legal Malpractice

For this category and its various flavors, please see the discussion under “Litigation”. Please understand however that many personal injury matters can be resolved without litigation.

Business Law

Our clients need advice and answers when they call, not 30-45 days later.  At the same time, they would prefer not to have to pay $400 or $600 or more per hour for legal services.  We do our best to provide competitively-priced, prompt service to our business clients.  If the task is “over our heads”, we will tell the client up-front.  For instance we handle,

  • The organization and structure of a business – setting it up
  • The preparation of contracts; leases; various agreements
  • Key employee agreements
  • Employment matters – prevention and solutions
  • The resolution of disputes
  • Document preparation
  • Advice and counseling
  • “Deals”
  • Insurance coverage or collection disputes.

Real Estate

We handle both commercial and residential real estate transactions, for instance,

  • Deeds
  • Purchase agreements
  • Land contracts
  • The negotiation of leases, large and small
  • Landlord-tenant disputes
  • Evictions.

Estate Planning/Wills and Trusts

We will prepare your estate plan for you, including for instance,

  • Wills
  • Trusts
  • Planning decisions
  • Powers of attorney
  • Advanced planning for health care decisions.

Probate Proceedings

When someone dies it is typically necessary to open a probate estate to manage the decedent’s affairs, pay debts, and distribute assets.    We will help you with that task, for instance,

  • Opening a probate estate
  • Winding the way through the probate maze
  • Release of assets without administration
  • Real estate transfers occasioned by a death.

Disability Insurance

Private disability insurance and Social Security Disability exist in order to provide a safety net for persons who encounter disabilities which prevent them from remaining economically productive.   Roadblocks often stand in the way of badly needed payments.  We can help with for instance,

  • Social Security Disability
  • Long term disability, private insurance (typically through one’s employment).
  • Related planning and strategic decision-making.

Employment Counseling

Sometimes things in the workplace become “sticky”, requiring decision-making by an employee on whether to stay, leave or leave with “a package”.   We can help, for instance,

  • Practical advice re strategic decision-making
  • Legal advice re strategic decision-making
  • Negotiating with an employer
  • Unemployment compensation rights
  • Rights under an employment contract or a non-compete agreement
  • Seeing to it that an employee’s rights are fully protected.