Human Dignity

A scholar by the name of Donna Hicks assembled in 2009 what is referred to as the “Dignity Model.”  Deceptively simple, straightforward, and insightful, it is a remarkably effective tool for interpersonal relations and reconciliation.  At Stege & Michelson, we endorse these principles and we do our best to honor them.  They are:

  1. Acceptance of Identity: Approach people as neither inferior nor superior to you.
  2. Recognition: Validate others for who they are. Give them credit and be generous with praise.
  3. Acknowledgment: Validate and respond to people’s concerns and what they have been through.
  4. Inclusion: Make others feel comfortable.
  5. Safety: Make people feel comfortable, both physically and psychologically.
  6. Fairness: Treat people justly, with equality, and in an evenhanded way.
  7. Independence: Empower people to act on their own behalf so that they feel in control of their lives.
  8. Understanding: Don’t rush to judgment; seek a deeper understanding of others’ perspectives.
  9. Benefit of the Doubt: Treat people as though they have a good reason why they do what they do.
  10. Accountability: Apologize when you have wronged others and change the hurtful behavior.

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