About Us

Mike Michelson

Our partner, Michael B. Michelson, died suddenly in 2006. He was a gregarious, outspoken, and generous guy and an outstanding lawyer. He tried cases successfully in virtually every state of the union east of the Mississippi River. A former prosecutor, he was a formidable debater and advocate for his clients. The inscription on his headstone captures Mike quite accurately: He was “a giant of a man.”

Stege & Michelson is a cost-conscious litigation, mediation and general practice law firm founded in 1979. Our firm’s clientele is quite diverse and includes a variety of businesses and individuals. Aggressive litigation and client service, in all their dimensions, is our distinctive passion.

Our overriding goal is to represent our clients aggressively and most importantly, with integrity. Clients deserve the best. We strive to deliver the absolute highest level of service and quality of representation.

We follow a written statement of principles which control our practice. They are well known to our attorneys and support staff.


ADDENDUM:  In the winter of 2016-17 we reduced the scope of our practice by making some personnel changes and moving the office.  While Mr. Stege is still very active in the legal profession, he is teaching and writing while handling various cases and other legal matters.  As the saying goes, “Times change!”